From the studio: The beauty of a Folio Box

One offering on the price list at Erin Medina Photography LLC might be new to prospective clients, a folio box collection.  The folio box collections is a beautiful, luxury product that provides an archival home for your images to pass onto the next generation.  Each folio box is handmade and includes acid free mats and mounts for the images that will last your lifetime and the next.  Additionally, each folio box includes a ribbon loop inside to assist with lifting images from the box.  

A folio box possesses the chic elegance of simple, clean lines that compliment all types of photography from personal branding imagery to family sessions and beyond. One of my favorites parts of the folio box is its versatility.  With a folio box, you have the flexibility to frame the images in the mats provided, place a matted image on a easel for display, or store them on a bookshelf or coffee table when you wish to walk down memory lane.  

As versatile as it is chic, with three quantity options available the folio box collections provide flexibility to meet your needs.