Top 3 tips for a head shot session

Updating your professional images shouldn't be a nerve wracking experience.  However, with the growth of social media the pressure is on to show your best professional self across multiple platforms.  To alleviate the pressure, follow the three tips below and you'll be well on your way to getting an image you can share with pride. 

Identify the purpose of the head shot.  

Will it be going on social media?  Which platforms?  

Will it be dual purpose and appear on a dating profile?

What about another community or industry profile? 

Based on the purpose of the headshot, carefully consider what to wear.

If the primary purpose is for your profile on LinkedIn or websites for professional organizations, then what is appropriate for that?  

Are you starting your own business where a standout piece is warranted to represent that brand?  

Are you aiming for a promotion and need to up your game in the style department?  

Are there any relevant organizational guidelines that you should adhere to when updating your image?

If you're still in doubt, neutrals flatter almost everyone.  Additionally, you should be able to ask your photographer for advice on what to wear.  For instance, if they use a dark background, then darker tones are probably preferable for color harmony. On the other hand, if you're wanting to truly stand out, many photographers have a personal stylist to refer for assistance with your wardrobe.  

Rehearse in the mirror for a few minutes.  Most of the time, most individuals benefit from pushing their chin forward and dropping their chin downward slightly.  Go to a mirror and try.  If you're having difficulty, pretend their are strings on either side of your chin being tugged forward, and then drop your chin forward.  Watch your face change in the mirror. Note how extra chins either disappear or minimize. This tip likely will feel awkward.  If you feel you can't get it right in the mirror, your photographer should be able to coach to the best pose for you.