Reflections on Mardi Gras and Seeing Your Beauty

Happy Mardi Gras from Franklin, TN!

Many celebrate today with a bit of excess in the form of food or drink.  Some do it to revel in the festive nature of the celebration and others do it in preparation of the the Lenten season, which they then treat as an opportunity to transform their life by giving up a bad habit or by developing a positive change in their life such as learning a new skill or developing a new fitness regimen.  To me, Mardi Gras signifies a celebration of life and the start of positive transformation.

A portrait session can also be an opportunity to reveal a new side of yourself or display a side that gets left behind in the wake of daily activities. The beauty of a portrait session is that you can explore your different qualities through your personal style. At a full portrait session, you can bring in up to 5 outfits centered around a single theme (e.g. vintage glamour) or across a range of styles to better reflect your style preferences.  The resulting images represent your timeless, authentic self, commemorate your story, and empower you to see your beauty.

How do you dream of being photographed?