Top 10 reasons to have portraits done

Recently a woman asked me why someone should have their portrait taken.  The truth is that having a portrait made is a personal decision.  For some professional photography is an annual event while for others it only occurs a handful of times in a lifetime.  Everyone deserves to have a portrait that they love hanging or standing in their home.  Some of my favorite reasons are: 

  1. Mark an occasion such as a confirmation, bat mitzvah/ bar mitzvah, quinceañera, sweet sixteen, high school senior year, after the aisle, anniversary, or a return from deployment. 
  2. Preserve the memories for your loved ones with a simple family portrait or a generations shoot.
  3. Celebrate an achievement like a graduation, promotion, or career transition.
  4. Boost your confidence by getting dressed up and in front of the camera to document your life.
  5. Glam the dress from a prom, wedding, gala, sales special, or an internet rental.
  6. Share the time with a loved one. Enjoy one another's company for a few hours, and relish the beauty of your relationship.  Treasure the resulting heirloom quality products. 
  7. Revel in the success of a transformation such as weight loss or cancer treatment.
  8. Accept the challenge of getting in front of a camera despite your vulnerability in front of it.
  9. Coordinate with your photographer to create a dream portrait - whether it's CosPlay, a tribute to your favorite Hollywood Golden Age celebrity, or something a bit more unique.  
  10. Update an professional social media image, industry online profile, or online dating profiles because a professional portrait can reflect your authenticity in your best light. 

How do you dream of being photographed?