Top 5 tips for back to school images

Have the kids begun school, but you keep postponing grabbing a few quick images to mark the occassion?  

Do the images you capture reflect the personality of your child? 

To help you, I've compiled my top 5 tips for capturing back to school imagery.

1. Get on their level.  One of the best pieces of advice I ever received about photographing children comes from the leader of Washington Photo Safari, E. David Luria. Kids are smaller and while you may love to look down at their angelic faces, they will look more accurately proportional if you pop a squat or take a knee to get their eyes even to the camera.  Alternatively, if they're climbing along a set of stairs, then climb with them to keep their gaze in camera focus. 

2. Snap them on the go. Does your child run to the bus stop every day?  Does he or she hop up the stairs when they come home?  Has your kid reached a new height and now capable of reaching the door handle or the doorbell?  Grab a shot of them performing their everyday actions. 

3. Remember to include the everyday items (e.g. backpacks, lunch kids, toys, digitals for the tweens & teens, instruments, etc). Did they ask over and over for a backpack with a specific character on it? At home, do they play with a certain toy each day? Is he or she regularly on a phone or tablet? Capture them doing what they do best. 

4. Include the playmates, siblings, and/or pets. Be sure to capture an image that reflects their current favorite and frequent playmate(s)  Often its a sibling or pet, but sometimes its a neighbor or schoolmate.  Snap a quick frame when they're doing what they do best whether its in a sandbox, on the playground, playing tag, etc.

5. Get them in their environments. What's their favorite hideout when playing Hide 'n Seek? Do they have a favorite reading or drawing nook? A secret spot in a treehouse? Maybe its a table for blocks or playdoh?  Photograph them in the spots where they are content. 

When you'd like to schedule something a bit more structured to capture everyone in the family together, please give me a call or email to schedule a consultation.