Holiday Cards: How to Get it Done With Grace

It’s the end of autumn. The leaves are browning and crunching under kids’ feet. Instagram is chock full of new ways to craft and bake with pumpkins and apples. The scent of cinnamon is everywhere.  

Then you hear it, “So what are your plans for the holidays?”And the fall season literally falls away. You think about the parties. The concerts. The road trips, flights, dinners, decorations, traffic, and cookies . . . oh the cookies. And--the holiday card.

What’s your plan? Here’s some advice for all those decisions. Don’t forget to breathe.

1. What’s the best backdrop?

Choices are many and you can’t really go wrong. Want something seasonal, go with the fireplace stockings or snow. If neutral is better, white brick is fabulous for Instagram posts. More drama and elegance demands something darker and richer.

2) What to wear?

Consider different theme options--have a holiday pajama party or go with a superhero thing. If you’re not into a theme, select a cohesive neutral palette. Pick a family: dark and dramatic? Black, navy and charcoal. Light and snowy? (white, light blue, blush). Hint: Let the kids weigh in. It will make them so much happier that day.

3) Folded or unfolded?

With so many people opting to DIY their cards these days as a postcard, I enjoy receiving a folded greeting card.  It’s a throwback. A classic. It has finesse. It’s unexpected. And less likely to get lost in the sea of holiday magazines and greetings.

4) Stylish paper or recycled?

Online, glossy and matte are where the choices end. But a local stationery shop (Go local!) has a lot more to offer. As for the paper selection, you can’t lose. Stylish looks amazing. Recycled gives that crafty feel and gives you environmental points! My compromise is a green linen--environmentally healthy, but still bright and sassy.

5) How many photos?

Enlist the kids to help you make a list. No need to go overboard. Facebook provides a lot of updates these days. When there’s less, they’re more precious. If you’re spreadsheet happy, great. But if you're tired, never mind the spreadsheet and just wing it. Thirty is a nice round number.

6) Any advice for the kids?

Kids keep the fun going--and thank goodness for that. Why not channel their energy toward the joy of the photo? What to do?  Once you’ve posed for the traditional family photo, take a few for fun: Make funny faces, jump up and down, have an impromptu dance party, play tag, sing songs or have a popcorn fight. Whatever suits your silly!

If all of this sounds too complicated, never fear! You can always come to me and I’ll take care of walking you through all the details so you and your loved ones look like the masterpieces you know them to be.