Traditions Matter - Here's Why

Holiday traditions are odd things, aren’t they?

Some are considered quite common. Others not so much.

As a child, I thought everyone gathered around Aunt Margaret at the piano to sing Christmas carols. I figured most families dragged out their bell collection (some very liberty-like, others of the souvenir variety) every year for an ear-piercing version of Jingle Bells. Eek! I also assumed serving egg-nog (with far too much, bourbon, cheers to Aunt Alice) from a century-old punchbowl was, you know, normal.

But we all create a baseline from the family we knew.

And I’m here to tell you, traditions don’t have to be big. They don’t have to be hilarious. They don’t have to be epic. They just have to exist. They matter. Why?

When the world feels unstable, when natural disasters seem too frequent and when tragedy is far too common, it’s nice to know some things never change. A little bit like the seasons, traditions provide predictability. Something you can count on in an impermanent world.

So do me a favor. Resist the urge to “shake it up” this season. Keep your own sense of peace - your safety net space.

Whether it’s gathering everyone for a photo in front of the fireplace, eating pickled beets out of jars or gingerbread frosting fights (sometimes not so friendly) in the kitchen, keep your traditions.

Start new ones. Maintain old ones. Lead the charge - even against grumpy men and bratty toddlers. Make it happen.

Your family will thank you.

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