Personal Branding vs Headshot: How do I know which session type is right for me?

The simplest way to determine what session types is best for you is to call for a quick phone consultation.  It takes about 20 minutes to go over some basics about the offerings at Erin Medina Photography.  Additionally, if you're looking for service for an office, I'd love to speak with you to learn more about your needs, preferences, and aspirations and then provide you a custom quote so you get what you need on a timetable that will work for you. 

First, let's compare the sessions:

  • in studio setup with multiple lighting options so it isn't dependent on the weather
  • professional posing
  • selection from a curated gallery so you don't waste time flipping through eye blinks, awkward expressions, or pose shifts
  • results in high resolution .jpg files
  • crop honing - if you have a specific crop that you need, please let me know before the session

Now what are your goals from the session?  

  • For instance, how many images would you like to have? 
    • A single image for a profile online or in print?
    • A set of images you can rotate through out the year or use for a variety of audiences?
  • Do you have an existing image?  If so, what do you like about it and what do you not like about it? How would you like a new portrait or set of portraits to be different?
  • Where are you currently using your portrait in a profile?  Where would you like to be using your photograph? (i.e. Would you like to add more of your portraits into your social media profiles, website, or emails?)
  • Have you been professionally photographed before? 
    • What did you like? 
    • What didn't you like?
    • How would you like this experience to be different?
  • What level of service are you looking for?
    • Simple, efficient service & session?
    • In depth approach with a review of my existing imagery, time to plan new photographs to complement my goals, and a longer session to photograph multiple roles that you serve?
  • What type of budget do you have?
    • Small budget less than $250
    • It depends on what you get for the investment (starting around $575)
    • The sky's the limit 

A headshot session is best for those:

  • on a tight budget
  • unsure of what they're looking for (aka wish to dip their toe in the water)
  • with limited availability in their schedule 
  • who prefer a simpler appointment (i.e. less is more)

A Personal Branding session is best for those:

  • who prefer full service
  • have a flexible budget to accommodate a higher service level with image evaluation as well as a style & concept appointment
  • interested in multiple wardrobe changes, and even hair & make up service
  • wish to elevate their brand with a variety of photographs to better relate to multiple audiences with a consistent brand message 
  • prefer more photographs to reflect the multiple roles that they serve in the community