Medina Photo Mojo Series: Five Tips for Back to School Photographs for Parents

1. Get Low

Have you ever taken a photo from the height of a child? Really bent down to their eye-level? It makes a huge difference in the frame of the photo. It also reassures your child that while an adult, you’re still part of their world. This may also change the expression in their eyes! Sniff!


2. Step Closer

Sometimes the photographer tries to take it all in. The house. The yard. The roller coaster. The jungle gym. And sometimes that’s fine. However, don’t forget to crop. A close-up can capture so much more. His first day of school “hairdo”. The barrettes she just had to have.

3. All In the Family

Get in there!  That’s right. Get a group shot. Don’t be embarrassed. Set up your timer and prop up your phone with a book.  Get everyone tucked in nice and tight. Capture your connection to one another - even if it means risking another round of “Stop touching me!!”


4. Same Spot, Every Year  

Try to use the same one every year. First, it establishes a routine with your child as they grow up. Second, you can display this shot to show how they’ve changed over the years. Fireplace. Front steps. Foyer. You choose. Another idea? Take a pic in front of that sapling you planted when you first moved in. One more? Stop by the grandparents' house for a surprise and quick photo opp.


5. Embrace the Silly

Kids will be kids. It’s the natural way of things. While you may prefer a more traditional image walls or holiday cards, there’s nothing wrong with mugging the moment. Ask them to make a silly face or to dance to their favorite song.  Gaze wondrously at their whimsy! Freeze-frame their fun-loving personalities!

BONUS: Don’t forget Fido.

Have a pet?  Take a few minutes to graph a photo of the two of them together.  From iguanas to goldfish and basset hounds to Bailey the hamster, it’s all about the love. Snap them at feeding time. An action shot is fun too -- perfect for a rambunctious puppy!