Home Decor Dish: The Top Four Overlooked Spots for Portraiture at Home

“I love wall art!  So where do I put the photographs?” It’s a common question I hear when I’m out networking.

In today’s homes, the two most popular family portraiture spots are in the main room (think above the couch or mantel) or the bedroom (particularly senior photos and newborns).

When those areas fill up, my clients are hesitant to get creative with other spaces or they get stuck because they don’t think it’s possible to integrate the photos with their interior design.

But I’m here to tell you there’s a way!

Allow me to offer my top four fantastic suggestions on prime portraiture placement.

  1. The Kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home. No bones about it. It’s the place where parties gather--those you live with and those you don’t. It’s the location where teens stand and snack. The place where guests crowd the island. And as a family, it’s often where we cook, laugh, snack, argue and hug. Why not add the faces of your loved one here, where you’re really living?

  2. The Dining Room. The dining room portrait fell out of trend for a bit (okay, a few years), as society went rogue with camera phones and steered every so slightly away from tradition. But I’m telling you it’s back. Here is the place to coordinate, ever so simply, (frames, color, texture) with your decor. It’s a place to get formal, go grand, and create timeless heirlooms that will get passed down for years.

  3. The Main Hallway The main hallway is often what we call filler space, artistically speaking.  If it’s fairly long, it can accommodate a gallery of portraits running the length of your house.  If it’s shorter, think a small collection for each child. It’s a place guests are walking, often alone, on their way to the bathroom during a dinner party. And it will give them a chance to look closely at your beautiful family without the distraction of food or discussion.

  4. The Bathroom. Yes, you heard me right. Okay, so you’re not going to put a family photo in the bathroom. But that silhouette of your three children in the rose garden. Yup. Save your artsy, instagrammy photos for here and add an element of design to the typically drab and predictable bathroom decor.

Less Traditional (But Still Awesome) Alternatives

  1. Walk In Closet: When they’re off to summer camp or college, why not sneak in a favorite snapshot or portrait  here as a reminder--the first thing you see when you awake? Or maybe a selfie that tells you just how fabulous you are. It’s a terrific reminder as we choose our clothing and accessories for the day.

  2. Foyer. It’s a great feeling to walk into a home and be greeted by familiar faces and smiles and works particularly well if you have a larger entryway with multiple walls.

What’s your favorite spot to hang a portrait?