Design & Order Your Portraits

Approximately two weeks after your portrait session, you'll return to my studio for your Design & Ordering appointment.

Fortunately, you'll benefit from me curating the images you view so that you're viewing 6-15 standout photographs. Because why exhaust yourself sifting through hundreds of images?  Let me do that. 

Plus, I'll consider what we discussed earlier to select the portraits that will best meet your needs.  Horizontal or vertical?  Color, or black and white? Your preferences will be taken into account.

If you've sent images of your home beforehand, then I'll be able to show some of your images to scale to ensure that you'd getting the right size for your home.

At this price point, its critical for you to be confident in your wall art selections by finding the Goldilocks combination (not too small and not too large) that's just right for you!

Please note: It is policy that all decision makers attend. 

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