Dream Legacy Experience

Ensuring the ultimate visual legacy to pass on to future generations.

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your portraits will last generations

  • Relieve the pressure of capturing your loved one's stories on your own

  • Skip being overwhelmed by figuring out photo restoration

  • Support a local, small business

The Details

  • Restoration of your favorite ancestral photographs in a hand-crafted Soul Album (say “Bye-bye!” to shoeboxes)

  • Preservation of your treasured portraits and snapshots of yesteryear on fine-art paper designed to last for a century to start a Heritage Gallery

  • Storytelling in the voice of your favorite storyteller in a Spirit Interview

  • Portraiture of your current family so that they become part of the legacy

The Investment

The Dream Legacy Experience is $10,000

The experience includes:

  • The Spirit Interview for two people, perfect for grandparents, or a parent & child (value $6000)

  • A signature Legacy Portrait session for the interviewees with a voucher towards 2 gift prints (total value $850)

  • The Soul Album (value $3300)

  • A voucher towards a Heritage Gallery portrait at 20x30 - perfect for above your mantel (value $475)


The Promise

At Erin Medina Photography, I take pride in providing portraits that will stand the test of time.

One of my core beliefs is that a portrait should last generations - just like the ones created by my great-great grandfather.

My clients benefit from my timeless, elegant aesthetic that includes framed fine art prints, brilliant-color finished-edge metal wall art, and archival quality framed canvas.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do your clients choose you?

Clients value that I thrive on creating portraits that will become as treasured as your great-grandfather’s pocket watch and grandmother’s pearls - masterpieces that transcend centuries not digital fads.

What do your clients comment on most?

People often choose me for my belief in print and the service I provide, but they comment on how much better they feel during the session - typically within the first 10 minutes. I like to build rapport with my clients through service so that I can guide you through gentle adjustments to your stance, and expression to help you look your best.

How did you come to focus on Legacy Portraiture?

Its been ingrained in my core values since childhood thanks to the stories I heard from my grandmothers. You can learn more about me here.

Which Legacy Is Your Favorite?